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Get clear on strategy

When you understand the "why" driving product decisions, you can implement solutions that deliver real value. Use Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps together to link engineering work to your product vision — bringing a new level of clarity to engineering priorities. Get visibility into the roadmap so you can offer technical insights and help refine estimates for capacity planning. Early collaboration keeps work moving smoothly and fosters a strong partnership between engineering and product management.

Rally around the roadmap

Streamline agile planning

Align Aha! Develop with the agile methodology your team follows — like scrum, kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework®. Add user stories and set due dates for time-sensitive work. Then, create a unified backlog that balances roadmap-driven work alongside technical priorities. Manage sprint capacity based on actual availability and historical performance so your team can achieve the most — without being overloaded. Work-in-progress limits help kanban teams manage workflow capacity to achieve optimal throughput.

Prioritize with clarity

Deliver work efficiently

Happy teams are more productive. Aha! Develop provides a streamlined UI so you can stay focused on shipping high-quality code. Make use of repeatable workflows and automation to save time. Use the workflow board to get real-time visibility into the status of work and spot delays before progress stalls. Track the status of branches, pull requests, and builds without leaving Aha! Develop — thanks to integrations with GitHub, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, and more.

Optimize for productivity

Showcase the team's progress

Bring transparency into the product development process. Sync statuses between Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps to keep product management automatically informed of updates. Use scrum reports — such as sprint burndown and velocity — to monitor team performance and make sure release plans are on track. Or track throughput to understand week-over-week productivity. Analyze how long it takes to complete work with cycle and lead time data. Then, drill into the data behind each report to uncover areas to improve and celebrate achievements.

Celebrate your success

Aha! understands what developers need — a tool that helps us focus on what matters and get work done faster, and then stays out of our way.

Michael Phillips

Director of Engineering, PipelineRx

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Top capabilities for engineering teams

Simplify adoption

Trade complex workflows for clear, repeatable processes. Our streamlined UI simplifies the way you create, update, and access key details about your work.

Connect to the roadmap

Empower engineers to be strategic partners in product development. Connect Aha! Develop with Aha! Roadmaps so it is clear how technical work fits into the bigger plan.

Streamline your backlog

Import issues and bugs from Zendesk, GitHub, and Sentry. View your roadmap-driven and technical work side by side and align on a single backlog ranked by importance.

Plan smarter sprints

Define achievable sprint goals and set capacity based on team or individual velocity. Move work over from the backlog and use the burndown chart to keep each sprint on track.

Visualize workflows

Track progress on the workflow board. Tailor your view with filters, swimlanes, and customizable cards. Add automation rules to keep work moving without manual intervention.

Optimize team performance

Analyze your team's performance trends with interactive agile reports. Review high-level insights, then drill into the data to understand exactly what happened and why.

Connect your tools

Integrate Aha! Develop with the rest of your tools through our open-source extensions. Import issues from GitHub, Zendesk, Sentry, and more. Track the status of branches, pull requests, and builds on each user story.

Customize everything

Craft the perfect environment for your team. Define workflow statuses and add custom fields. Update terminology to match the way your team works. Add extensions to modify the UI and enhance your experience.

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