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Create a kanban system

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Optimize for continuous delivery

Visualize work in progress and deliver customer value — faster


Order your backlog based on what will deliver the most value


Use an interactive kanban board to track team progress


Improve predictability and the speed of your delivery

Kanban streamline prioritization

Establish a pull system

Revitalize your backlog management. Capture roadmap-driven and technical work in a single view. Define requirements and estimate effort in story points or time. Set the class of service and rank the backlog in priority order. This makes it easy to see what is up next — so you can pull work directly onto your kanban board.

Kanban - customize board swimlanes

Customize your kanban board

Organize your board the way you want. Add as many columns as you need to match your workflow. Use horizontal swimlanes to group work by class of service, team member, or type. Tailor your cards, adding visual cues to highlight important details.

Track progress in real time

Visualize work by status. Toggle between team and individual views to understand exactly who is doing what and when. Collapse and expand columns and apply filters to focus on what is most relevant. Save and share views to facilitate standups, drive collaboration, and communicate updates across your organization.

Kanban WIP limits

Keep work flowing smoothly

Set work in progress (WIP) limits to establish your team's workflow capacity. When a WIP limit is exceeded, the column turns red — making it easy to spot bottlenecks. This enables the team to keep work moving through the process and deliver more value at a sustainable pace.

Kanban feature page throughput

Optimize your throughput

Powerful kanban reports provide the insights you need to help the team be its best. Analyze work completed each week with the throughput report, and use cycle and lead time metrics to see how long it takes to reach the finish line. Zero in on how and where to improve consistency — so you can set delivery dates with confidence.