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Dig into agile reports to understand performance trends and highlight what your team has accomplished


Access metrics every agile team needs to improve velocity and performance


See what is working well and uncover opportunities to streamline work


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Report in real time

Choose from a variety of reports built for scrum and kanban teams. Review performance and drill into the underlying data for deeper insights about where to improve — so you can showcase your success and deliver value faster.

Visualize sprint burndown

Get an accurate picture of pacing and what the team can achieve. Zero in on completed work, what remains, and what has changed — such as new work added or estimates adjusted. Monitor the team's daily progress to stay on track toward your sprint goal.

Understand velocity

Plan sprints with confidence. The velocity report compares completed vs. committed work in story points or time. Analyze the tempo across sprints and have productive conversations about your team's capacity.

Measure throughput

Establish efficient workflows. The throughput report for kanban teams compares work completed each week and calculates average throughput. Visualizing these trends helps you see where you can improve to deliver value at a steady pace.

Track cycle time

Understand how long it takes to deliver each work item. Use the cycle and lead time report to increase the accuracy of your estimates and boost efficiency. Track average completion time for work of a similar size and type.

Celebrate value delivered

The value delivered report showcases engineering achievements through the lens of customer and business value. Analyze your contributions by strategic initiative, release, or feature type to recognize the team's hard work.