Aha! Develop Pricing

The agile tool that links strategy to delivery

Starts at per user / month

Everything you need to manage agile development:

  • Add unlimited teams
  • Choose a scrum, kanban, or hybrid approach
  • Create a prioritized backlog
  • Define epics and user stories
  • Estimate effort
  • Schedule and plan sprints
  • Set sprint capacity
  • Set WIP limits
  • Integrate with your dev stack
  • Install extensions to customize your experience
Starts at per user / month

Everything in the Essentials plan plus:

  • Integration with Aha! RoadmapsIntegrate product management and development workflows so both teams can collaborate closely.
  • Team linesGroup related teams in a team line to reflect your organizational structure.
  • Program incrementsCoordinate sprints across many teams to establish a consistent delivery cadence.
  • Burndown and velocity chartsTrack sprint progress and analyze team and individual sprint velocity over time.
  • Throughput reportCompare the amount of work completed each week to track productivity over time.
  • Cycle and lead time analysisUnderstand how long it takes to deliver work so you can accurately set delivery dates.
  • Automation rulesAutomate routine tasks like updating status fields, assigning new tasks, and more.
  • Single sign-onLog into Aha! Develop using your existing SAML-enabled ID provider (IdP).
Add Aha! Develop Advanced to any Aha! Roadmaps Enterprise or Enterprise+ plan to create a unified environment
Get even more out of Aha! Develop
Streamline product development with all the functionality you need to build lovable software
Upgrade your account to include Aha! Roadmaps:
  • Set strategy and create visual plans
  • Promote popular ideas directly to your roadmap
  • Manage releases and product launches
Starts at
Account upgrade
per user / month
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