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Aha! Develop | Introduction to Extensions

Extensions allow developers to use JavaScript to extend the Aha! Develop user interface as well as to automate actions within Aha! Develop and between Aha! Develop and other systems.

An extension is a collection of JavaScript source code and configuration. One extension can affect the Aha! Develop experience in multiple ways through contributions. Each contribution affects one specific part of the user interface or provides specific automation.

Extensions are account-wide. An extension is installed into an account and has the potential to affect the behavior of the entire account. For some extension contribution types, the impact is limited to the screen layouts that the contribution is added to. Other contributions may limit themselves to only operate on some record types or in some circumstances.

Extensions are installed by account administrators.

Each extension has an identifier that should be globally unique. The identifier will be generated from the Name field in package.json with any forward slash / replaced by a dot ..

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