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Prioritize team happiness

Engineers want to spend their time writing code — not tediously updating project management tools. Eliminate the frustration by giving your team a tool it will love. A streamlined experience simplifies the way users create, update, and view key information without compromising the insights technical leads need.

Develop - Streamlined - Efficient workflows

Set efficient workflows

Put just the right amount of process in place to empower your team to do its best work. Aha! Develop comes with default agile workflows for scrum, kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework® — so you can get started immediately. Customize everything from terminology to statuses, fields, and layouts to perfectly match the way your team works.

Develop - Streamlined UI - Reduce context switching

Reduce context switching

Capture all your work in one place, including roadmap-driven work, bugs, production errors, support requests, and more. Importer extensions make it easy to bring work in from other systems. This gives the team a clear picture of everything that needs to get done without having to switch between tools.

Develop - No code automation

Automate routine tasks

Less manual work means more time to code. Take advantage of simple no-code automations for routine tasks — such as assigning to-dos and updating status fields. Build out more sophisticated automations with our event handler extensions.

Develop - Streamlined UI - Github ext

Integrate your tech stack

Connect Aha! Develop with your ecosystem of CI/CD, design, issue tracking, source code, and support tools. This makes it easy to link the work you are planning with the progress happening elsewhere — giving you full visibility into status and quick access to the underlying details.

Develop - Streamline UI - Customize personal

Customize your experience

Give every engineer the flexibility to set their own preferences. Choose between light and dark mode, craft your own view of the workflow board, and use extensions to boost productivity. Time-savers — such as right-click menus and keyboard shortcuts — offer an efficient, satisfying tool experience.