SAFe program increments

Apply SAFe® across teams

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Implement the Scaled Agile Framework®

Coordinate agile development across your enterprise to ensure alignment


Plan and build software at scale using the SAFe methodology


Assign features to program increments (PIs) and schedule sprints across teams


Create SAFe reports to track customer and business value delivery

SAFe strategic themes

Organize around value

Manage SAFe at the portfolio, program, and solution levels in Aha! Roadmaps. Use kanban systems to capture the strategic themes and capabilities needed to deliver impactful solutions. Score features based on WSJF before assigning them to program increments in Aha! Develop. This enables you to optimize your value stream from strategy through to execution.

SAFe organize teams

Establish agile release trains

Structure your Aha! Develop account to match your SAFe configuration. Add as many engineering teams as you need and group them within agile release trains (ARTs). Now everyone can work together to build, deploy, and maintain solutions in a synchronized way — while giving each team a dedicated space of their own.

Develop define program increments

Define program increments

Create PIs to automatically schedule sprints across teams. Fill in key details — including the date range, sprint cadence, and PI objectives. Link each PI to strategic themes in Aha! Roadmaps and add related features. This gives everyone visibility into the overall strategy and shows how you will achieve the portfolio vision.

Develop streamline PI plans

Streamline PI planning

Review the PI backlog. Define the requirements for each feature in detail, estimating effort and identifying cross-team dependencies. Technical leads can then allocate work to each team by moving items into upcoming sprints. Calculate overall PI capacity based on capacity of underlying sprints to optimize the team's workload.

Develop visualize delivery progress

Visualize delivery progress

Track program increment progress in a single view. See a breakdown of sprint performance by team and monitor the status of each feature. Quickly surface any risks, drilling into sprint details to understand exactly what is happening and where the team needs help. Over in Aha! Roadmaps, product management can report on features by PI to see how work is moving forward.