Aha! Develop + CircleCI

Keep build status at your fingertips

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) tools help engineers ship high-quality code faster. But it can be hard to keep track of the build status for your branches when code changes are constantly flowing through your pipeline. Aha! Develop integrates with CircleCI so you can see the status of your latest builds and jump directly to the logs to triage issues.

CircleCI Extension

Track build status

Connect user stories in Aha! Develop with their builds in CircleCI. Once you have installed and configured the CircleCI extension, simply include the Aha! reference number in your branch name or commit message. When you kick off a new build in your source code management tool — or directly in CircleCI — it is automatically linked to your user story in Aha! Develop. This way, you can see whether the most recent build passed or failed without leaving Develop.

Automate status updates

Save time updating the status of user stories in Develop when a build passes or fails in CircleCI. For example, when the build passes in CircleCI you can automatically move the user story to "Shipped." Now it is easy for the entire product development team to see when your code has successfully deployed.