Aha! Develop + GitLab

Gain insight into code status

Prioritize your backlog, plan iterations, and manage your agile workflow in Aha! Develop. Then, as work moves forward, connect user stories in Develop with their merge requests in GitLab. This makes it easy to see the status of merge requests without leaving Aha! Develop — and gives you quick access to the code behind every feature.

View the status of your GitLab merge requests right on the user story card in Aha! Develop

Track branches and merge requests

Link your user stories in Aha! Develop with their branches and merge requests in GitLab — so everyone on your team can get visibility into how code is progressing. Each branch and merge request links directly back to your code in GitLab, making it easy to move between tools.

Import issues from GitLab

Automatically update the status of a feature in Aha! Develop when an event happens in GitLab — like when a merge request succeeds. This saves you time — no need to check the status of your code in GitLab and update the status in Develop manually.

Customize functionality

The Aha! Develop integration with GitLab is delivered via an open source extension. This means you can customize the way it works to match your needs. For example, add code-based automation that automatically creates a to-do to write documentation when a documentation label is added to a GitLab MR.

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