Aha! Develop + Sentry

Import and track production errors

Prioritize production errors alongside the rest of your work. Use the Sentry extension to import issues directly into Aha! Develop as user stories. Then view up-to-date performance stats, such as event frequency and number of users affected, so you can prioritize fixes based on issue impact.

Sentry extension screenshot

Bring issues from Sentry into Develop

Drag and drop open issues from Sentry onto your Aha! Develop workflow board, upcoming sprint, or parking lot. Imported issues are added as user stories along with essential details from Sentry — including error name, message, and stack trace. This ensures you have everything you need to investigate the problem without toggling between tools.

View up-to-date stats

Add the Sentry custom field to your feature card layout so you can see real-time data on how an issue is impacting customers. This includes how often the issue occurred and the number of people affected. You will also see a graph tracking the frequency of issue occurrence over the past 30 days — so you can quickly grasp significance and impact.