Aha! Develop + Bitbucket

Share visibility into code progress

Link Aha! Develop to pull requests, view PR status and approvals, and automate using Bitbucket webhooks. Manage priorities, sprints, and progress in Aha! Develop. Connect Develop user stories with engineers' branches and merge requests in Bitbucket. This gives everyone on the team visibility into how code is progressing — without leaving Develop.

Track branches and pull requests

Connect user stories directly with branches and PRs in Bitbucket — so you can easily keep an eye on status. Each branch and pull request in Develop links directly back to your code in Bitbucket so you can dive deeper when needed.

Automate status updates

Map statuses between Aha! Develop and Bitbucket. When an event like a PR merge happens in Bitbucket, you have instant visibility in Develop — and you can save time having to update the status manually.

Customize functionality

The Aha! Develop integration with Bitbucket is delivered via an open source extension so you can customize the way it works to match your needs. For example, add code-based automation that automatically creates a to-do to write documentation when a documentation label is added to a Bitbucket PR.

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