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Strategize for future success

Lay a solid foundation by defining your product strategy in Aha! Roadmaps. Articulate your product vision and the problems your product solves — using detailed strategic models, persona templates, and competitor profiles. Then, translate the big picture into tangible focus areas with goals and initiatives. By linking those goals and initiatives to specific releases, epics, and features, you will begin to see your strategy materialize in the team's daily work. The payoff is knowing that your work matters and contributes to company growth in an impactful way.

Set strategy

Act on valuable ideas

Build what customers really want. Hear from them directly by providing an ideas portal in Aha! Roadmaps where they can submit new feature requests or engage with other users' ideas. You can even capture input from internal teams or give sales and support the ability to submit proxy votes on behalf of customers. Take those ideas to your roadmap or dig deeper with empathy sessions, in-app feedback, and feedback polls within Aha! Ideas Advanced. When inspiration strikes, built-in virtual whiteboards in all Aha! products are ideal for brainstorming. Early concepts can be converted to actionable roadmap items — ultimately improving the speed at which you can innovate.

Generate ideas

Showcase your plans

What will you build next? Sort and rank features in Aha! Roadmaps based on their value to customers and your company. Define releases with phases, milestones, and dependencies — ensuring no key activities or potential risks go unnoticed. Then, move high-priority features into the right release. When it is time to share your plans, access customizable roadmap templates to build beautiful visualizations: strategic roadmaps for executives, release roadmaps for the cross-functional product team, and feature roadmaps for sales and customers.

Build a roadmap

Celebrate momentum

Monitor real-time progress. Streamline communication with your engineering team or product owner by integrating with developer tools such as Aha! Develop, Jira, Azure DevOps, and more. Check the status of work and proactively adjust plans to accommodate changes in scope, dependencies, or team capacity. With the powerful reporting engine in Aha! software, you can quickly turn product data into compelling visualizations — from roadmaps and Gantt charts to reports on team performance. Bring multiple views together into one dashboard and demonstrate the impact of your work.

Share achievements

Aha! helped transform the way our product teams work — from how we capture customer ideas to planning and sharing product roadmaps.

Jean-Francois Roy

Senior director of product management and strategic initiatives, TIBCO Software Inc.

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Top capabilities for product management teams

Set strategy

Never lose sight of goals and initiatives by tying them directly to your roadmap. Get specific about strategy for your products — so you know both what you are building and why.

Crowdsource ideas

Do not just guess what your customers want — get their direct feedback. Capture requests through an ideas portal where users can vote, comment, and answer polls. Go a level deeper with empathy sessions or in-app feedback.

Ideate with whiteboards

Get inspired by visualizing your ideas on whiteboards. Sketch out a new feature — then bring it to your team to collaborate live. Convert the end result into actionable ideas for future work.

Quantify value

Build better products with value-based product development. Auto-calculate a product value score that adjusts over time as you collect more data or as priorities shift.

Build a roadmap

Decide what should get built next. Pull prioritized features from your parking lot into releases. Utilize integrations with popular development tools — so your development team knows what to work on next.

Progress with confidence

Monitor progress and get notified about missed deadlines or dependency conflicts so you can mitigate risk. Integrate with developer tools such as Aha! Develop to have a full view of progress.

Collaborate across teams

Maintain a broad view of all the work that is needed for a successful release. Incorporate more than just development work in releases — like marketing plans and sales enablement — with key phases and milestones.

Present your roadmap

Dynamically tailor your roadmap for different audiences. Add filters and drill ins for leadership or use external dates when presenting to customers. Ideas portals offer an option to give customers real-time access to your customized roadmap.

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