Product managers vs. the world

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March 8, 2024

Product managers vs. the world

by Aha!

Sports. Debates. Godzilla. What other classic "vs." examples can you think of? Over the years, we have pitted product development topics against one another in our Versus blog series. Sure, these comparisons might not involve a head-to-head showdown. But they are hard-hitting in their own way — compelling us to think deeply about what it means to work in software and collaborate with other product builders.

Examining one concept against another can help you better understand the nuances of both. This is why vs. posts have been some of the most-read pieces on the Aha! blog.

You might have read a few of these yourself. We have been writing them for nearly a decade and have more than 70 in the collection. These posts have been popular among readers. There is something satisfying about breaking down related concepts side by side and learning two things at once.

10 years ago the product manager's role was misunderstood. In many ways it still is, but it has certainly gotten better. And because many product development roles and concepts are closely related, or even overlap, confusion is warranted. Our goal has always been to provide clear answers and a strong point of view.

Not every vs. post is definitional. We also look at competing answers to complex questions and weigh the pros and cons of less obvious trade-offs. That means exploring the "how" and "why" behind different approaches to building products, companies, and careers — not just the "what."

You can learn a lot when you explore the alternatives. This is true even if you think you know what is best.

These vs. posts often lead to engaging conversations and debates within our community. To us, that is a win. We love when we can spark new ideas or help build confidence in the path you are on.

In that spirit, we wanted to share some of the top vs. topics we have written about over the years, from strategy to remote work. Take a look:

Strategy vs.

Do you need both a vision and a mission? What is the difference between a product strategy and a go-to-market strategy? If you are curious about questions such as these, find answers here:

1. Vision vs. mission vs. strategy

2. Initiatives vs. epics vs. features

3. Product strategy vs. go-to-market strategy

4. Marketing strategy vs. sales strategy

5. Strategic thinking vs. strategic planning

Role vs.

Cross-functional product teams are made up of several roles that sound alike both in name and in job description. Even though these roles work closely together, each plays a distinct part in delivering lovable experiences:

6. Product management vs. product operations

7. Product manager vs. product marketing manager

8. Product manager vs. product owner

9. Product manager vs. project manager

10. Program manager vs. project manager

11. CPO vs. CTO

Product plans vs.

Roadmaps, Gantt charts, features, user stories — product development is chock full of terms and artifacts to learn. It can be tricky to know when and how they all factor into your daily work. These vs. posts can help you sort things out:

12. Releases vs. features vs. requirements

13. User stories vs. product requirements

14. Use case vs. user story

15. Product roadmaps vs. Gantt charts

16. Product roadmap vs. project roadmap

17. Product plan vs. project plan

18. Marketing plan vs. launch plan

How you build vs.

Building something meaningful is never easy. And there is no one right way to go about it. It is up to you to determine where and how to invest your efforts — in order to deliver the most value to customers. Read these vs. posts to think more deeply about what you offer:

19. Minimum Viable Product vs. Minimum Lovable Product

20. Activity vs. achievement

21. Qualitative vs. quantitative data

22. Simplicity vs. complexity

23. Building features vs. solving problems

24. Product-led vs. engineering-led

Company values vs.

Just like the products you build, your own growth comes with choices. For us, that means choosing to honor our values. We are bootstrapped, high-achieving, and fully remote. What do you value most?

25. Customer value vs. company valuation

26. Chasing growth vs. choosing profit

27. Great teammate vs. great boss

28. Remote workers vs. office workers

29. In-office vs. remote team meetings

30. You vs. your company

Then vs. now — we hope these posts continue to help you get the perspectives you need to go boldly forward.

Have an idea for another vs. post that we should dig into? Let us know. As long as you continue to read them, we will continue to write them. (Plus, sign up for our email updates so you catch the next one.)

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