Aha! Roadmaps + Azure DevOps

Build exactly what you planned

Do your planning in Aha! and then send your releases, features, and requirements to Azure DevOps for engineering to develop. The bidirectional integration keeps both teams immediately informed of updates. You can be confident that everyone understands exactly what needs to be built and when.

Customize your field mappings and set the direction of updates.
Import existing records from Azure DevOps to quickly build your roadmap.
Send features from Aha! to Azure DevOps individually or in bulk.
Features appear as user stories in Azure DevOps for engineering to work on.
Automatically receive updates or review changes manually.
Track progress on roadmaps in Aha! as features are completed in Azure DevOps.

Keep information flowing

Configure your integration to match the way your team works. Link corresponding records types, map default and custom fields, and sync statuses between systems. Specify the direction of updates for each field mapping so that everyone sees the right information in the right system. Want to use the same configuration across multiple teams? Create an integration template for consistency.

Communicate your plans with engineering

Define features and organize releases in Aha! and then send the complete plan to Azure DevOps. As your engineering team assigns work to iterations, you can see exactly when features will be developed. Automatic updates keep both teams informed of any changes, so you can work together closely to achieve your plans.

View the latest progress

Keep track of all the great work that is happening during development directly in Aha! — monitor release progress by sprint and see the percent of work completed for each feature. You can visualize this information on roadmaps and reports to clearly communicate how everything is progressing.