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Integrate Aha! With Salesforce

Salesforce is the customer success platform. Their social and mobile cloud technologies — including flagship sales and CRM applications — help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

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Now you can deliver a holistic view of your customer through a two-way integration between Aha! and Salesforce. This integration simplifies sales and support's alignment with product management. It also empowers companies to invest in the ideas that matter most by linking customer opportunities in Salesforce with ideas in Aha!


Visualize which ideas are projected to have the largest financial impact, and then promote them into your roadmap. Linked Salesforce opportunities appear as related records on the idea in Aha! This shows which customers or prospects made each request and provides you with a clear understanding of the potential revenue.

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Support teams can link Salesforce accounts or cases to Aha! ideas. This means that product teams can easily understand the size and type of customers requesting specific features. Support can also keep customers up to date based on the idea's status in Salesforce, which automatically updates when changes are made in Aha!

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Ready to get started? We’ve provided detailed instructions in the Aha! support documentation. Because this is an account-level integration, you will need to be a Customizations administrator in Aha! to:

  1. Install the Aha! package in Salesforce.
  2. Create an ideas portal in Aha! and connect it to Salesforce.
  3. Give Salesforce users access to the integration.
  4. Add Aha! ideas to your Salesforce user interface.
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