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Integrate Aha! with Salesforce

Salesforce provides on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software services to help companies with global customer communication. The #1 CRM solution takes sales force automation to new heights, with an array of cloud-based tools that give your team the power to score more wins, increase productivity, and keep the pipeline filled with solid leads.



This integration makes Sales and Product Management alignment easier. You can now deliver a holistic view of your customer through a two-way integration between Aha! and Salesforce. This integration empowers companies to invest in the ideas that matter most by linking customer opportunities in Salesforce with ideas in Aha!


Ready to get started? We’ve provided detailed instructions in the Aha! support documentation. Because this is an account level integration you will need to be an Admin in Aha! to:

  1. Install the Salesforce package
  2. Setup the Salesforce integration in Aha!
  3. Create an idea portal connected to Salesforce
  4. Add custom settings in Salesforce
  5. Create new workflow rules

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