Aha! Roadmaps + ServiceNow

Centralize all product feedback in one place

Consolidate feedback from internal teams and customers — so you can bring the best ideas into your planning process. This two-way integration makes it easy to route internal requests captured in ServiceNow directly to your Aha! Ideas account for prioritization. As implementation gets underway, reflect status updates back in ServiceNow to keep teammates informed of progress. Read ServiceNow's documentation for more detailed instructions on how to set up and customize the integration.

Capture internal requests

Create a form in ServiceNow so teammates can easily submit requests and ideas. Map key fields — like the title, description, and requester — directly to corresponding fields on your idea records in Aha! software. Capture the link to the original ServiceNow request in a custom field.

Manage incoming feedback

Review ideas submitted via ServiceNow to better understand the wants and needs of your internal teams. Then prioritize the most impactful requests so you can deliver what will provide the most value for your teammates.

Provide status updates

Keep your teammates informed of progress. You can set up webhooks to make the integration with ServiceNow bidirectional. This ensures that status changes made in Aha! software are communicated to the requester back in ServiceNow.