Aha! Roadmap Tool + GitHub

Seamlessly go from planning to development

Set strategy in Aha! and prioritize features against your product roadmap. Once defined, send your planned releases to GitHub. Your engineering team will have the clarity they need for what needs to be built and when. The bidirectional integration keeps both systems in sync so everyone has access to the latest information.

Features appear as issues in GitHub for engineering to work on.
Automatically receive updates or review changes manually.

Control how and when updates occur

Map how initiatives, releases, epics, features, and requirements in Aha! correspond with issues, tasks lists, and milestones in GitHub. Then map fields and statuses to keep information flowing smoothly between systems. Saving your configuration as a template makes it even easier to set up future integrations with GitHub.

Coordinate with your engineering team

You can send prioritized features from Aha! to GitHub individually or in bulk for a release. Automatic updates help you immediately notify your engineering team of any changes. And as engineering gets to work on features and requirements, product managers will receive status updates from GitHub to Aha! in real time.

See progress as it happens

Automatically receive status updates in Aha! as engineers work on features in GitHub. You can track status based on issue state (open/closed), status labels, or project columns. Log the percent of work completed in GitHub and sync with the progress field in Aha! so you can accurately report on what has been accomplished.