Aha! Roadmaps + Slack

Streamline communication across teams

Keep everyone informed of what is happening and when. There are two ways you can integrate Aha! with Slack. You can send product roadmap updates from Aha! to Slack. And you can create new records in Aha! directly from Slack. This helps your teammates quickly capture ideas and requests.

Increase visibility across the organization

Configure your integration to send updates from Aha! to the Slack channels of your choice. You can choose to create one or many integrations at the account or workspace level. This gives you full control over who can see what information in Slack.

Share roadmap updates

Organize your updates by activity stream. Each notification in Slack includes a link so Aha! users can easily open the record for more details. For example, you can set up a #releases channel to communicate important launch details or a #features channel to post updates on new functionality.

Capture requests as you chat

Quickly create Aha! records directly from Slack. With a simple /aha command, you can capture new ideas and feedback from customers, add features to your backlog, and assign to-dos to yourself and others — without ever leaving the conversation. Select exactly where the new record belongs in Aha! so you can easily find it and add more details later.