Aha! Roadmaps + Google Calendar

Manage and see your deadlines

Keep track of what needs to be done and when. This one-way integration allows you to sync to-dos and saved calendar reports from Aha! to your Google Calendar — so you can better plan your time each day. Once synced, Aha! records are added as all-day events to your calendar. Each event includes a link back to Aha! so you can quickly view more details.

Generate a calendar URL for saved calendar reports and to-dos.
Visualize your to-dos and key dates in your Google calendar.
Manage, review, and revoke your own calendar URLs in personal settings.

View to-dos and key dates

Create a calendar report in Aha! for important dates — such as go-to-market launches and work deadlines. Once saved, simply generate a calendar URL and add it to your Google calendar. You can also generate a calendar URL for your to-dos directly from the My work page in Aha! Now you can see when important work items are due, alongside your daily meetings and appointments.

Stay on top of your deliverables

Plan your day to meet your work commitments. Any changes made in Aha! will automatically sync with your calendar — no manual updates required. It is important to note that changes to events in Google Calendar will not be reflected within Aha! If you need more details about a work item, simply click the link in each calendar event to open the record directly in Aha!