Integrate with activity webhooks

If you don't see an Aha! integration with your tool of choice, you can use an activity webhook to send workspace or account data to a third-party tool.

Note: This article is about the activity webhook functionality. For the integration webhook, go here.

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Enable the integration

You can create activity webhook integrations at either the account- or workspace-level by navigating to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Integrations or Settings ⚙️→ Workspace → Integrations, respectively. Administrators with customization privileges can create account-level integrations, and workspace owners can create workspace-level integrations.

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At either level, the process is largely the same.

  1. Select Activity webhook from the list of available integrations.

  2. Enter the Hook URL for your webhook.

  3. Select which activity Aha! should send through the activity webhook. At the account level, choose from Workspaces, Record types, and Fields. At the workspace level, choose from Record types, and Fields. Click Add activity to add the activity, and the large X to remove an activity from the list.

  4. Select which users' activity will be transmitted through the webhook. This is an optional step, useful if you only want to send activity related to certain users. Click Add user to add a user's activity to the list, and the large X to remove a user's activity from the list.

  5. Click the Enable checkbox, and add the webhook to your third-party tool to begin sending activity out of your Aha! account.

Note: All activity waits five minutes before posting to the Activity webhook. This is to keep communication concise and avoid excessive messaging when a user is performing multiple edits at once.


Troubleshoot the integration

Having trouble with your activity webhook? Click Log messages below the webhook's integration settings to open the integration's audit log and use the log messages to diagnose and fix the problem.

If you're still having trouble, please reach out to the Customer Success team at


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