June 3, 2016 release notes


  • Ideas can now be promoted to strategic initiatives providing product managers an appropriate option for those ideas that have the potential to be a much larger business theme or initiative. Key aspects of how this new feature works include the following:

    • The green Promote button remains for ideas but now the user has the choice of specifying whether they are promoting the idea to a feature or an initiative.

    • When choosing an initiative, the user will be prompted to select the product or product line in which the initiative should be created.

    • Ideas can be linked to existing initiatives just as they can be linked to existing features by going into the idea Actions menu.

    • The promotion process and status updates for initiatives will update the status of the corresponding idea and trigger email notifications in the same manner as features.

  • As part of the promote to initiatives product launch, you also now have the option to convert features to initiatives. Doing this allows you to address existing features that are multifaceted and are better represented as a larger strategic initiative. This new option can be accessed through the Actions menu on features.

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