December 9, 2016 release notes


  • File storage integration options have been expanded to now include Microsoft OneDrive for Business in addition to Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. The first time you try to link a document from OneDrive, you will be prompted by Aha! to connect your account. Once access is granted, you will be able to link your OneDrive files in Aha! Key features for each of the file storage integrations include the following:

    • Preview files without needing to download them.

    • Changes made to documents in the file storage system are automatically seen in Aha! when previewing the document. This saves you from having to re-upload every time you change it.

    • The integration is unidirectional as you are only linking to an external file. As a result, data from Aha! will never be shared with these file storage systems.

    • Enable/disable the desired storage integrations that are available to users through account level controls available in Settings - Account - Security and single sign-on.


  • The REST API has been updated to now allow filtering the users endpoint by email.

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