September 2, 2016 release notes


  • You can now filter your goals to communicate which ones are completed, in progress, or not yet started. This filtering also supports any custom statuses that you have set up.

  • Similarly, you can prioritize which initiatives to pursue and filter by a given status that you've defined by clicking the filter dropdown above your initiatives.

  • A new "Status category" of "Not started" was added when configuring a custom workflow. This new category can be used to indicate statuses that have not started.

    • This category can be used when filtering releases and features in the Goal and Initiative detail views.

    • In addition to the views noted above, the "In progress" filter for Initiatives was updated to not display statuses in the "Not started" category.


  • An update was made allowing for Custom Tables to now be deleted.

  • Product - Files was not including attachments from custom field notes. This has been corrected.

  • If an idea is moved from one product to another product and both products have their own private portals, the list of valid portal users that could be re-assigned as the Creator continued to display the portal users for the original product/portal and not the new product/portal. This has been corrected.

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