April 29, 2016 release notes


  • Idea portal visibility settings can now be customized for new ideas. Choose between Default idea visibility or Customize idea visibility in Account Settings - Configure idea portals - Settings.

    • Default visibility settings are dependent on the user type of the idea submitter and consist of the following behavior:

      • If the idea submitter is an Aha! user, the idea will not be visible in the portal.

      • If the idea submitter is flagged as an employee or partner, the idea will be visible to employees and partners in the portal.

      • All other ideas will be visible to anyone in the portal.

    • Choosing the Customize idea visibility option will allow for selecting a default visibility setting that will be applied to all new ideas regardless of user type and source (i.e. Zendesk, Salesforce, email).

      • This provides users with more control over how they wish to deploy and monitor the ideation process. Some have a preference for all ideas to be visible to everyone upon submittal while other users wish to have a moderation process where all ideas can first be reviewed before being made visible to others.

      • Choose from the following visibility options:

        • Not visible in portal

        • Visible to employees and partners

        • Visible to anyone

  • The REST API has been updated to provide support for Goals.

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