July 8, 2016 release notes


  • New for Enterprise+ customers is the ability to extend the data model with custom tables which are made up of your own unique custom fields. These tables can be completely customized allowing you to model and store information that is unique for your business. You can capture key information supporting many use cases and then link that information directly to your product data. This includes data related to all of your products, goals, initiatives, releases, features, ideas, competitors, and personas. Once set up, you can create and edit custom tables just like you would any pre-existing standard field.

    • Configuration details

      • Custom tables are created in Settings - Products - Custom Tables.

      • Add custom fields to your custom table. The value in the first field will be used as the name for the record when it appears in lists.

      • Edit and update content in the Products - Custom tables view.

      • Link your custom table to existing data via two new custom field types:

        • Many-to-many relationship: This functions similar to a tag field. It allows you to associate multiple records from a custom table to a record in Aha!, such as associating "Customers" to a feature.

        • Master-detail relationship: This allows creating and editing custom table entries inline inside another record such as a budget table associated with a strategic initiative.

    • Other custom table key features

      • Create and share reports on custom tables via Reports - List, Pivot, Chart, and Timeline views.

      • Programmatically import and sync data from 3rd party systems via the REST API. This would allow for syncing a customer list from a 3rd party tool with an Aha! customer table that can then be linked to initiatives, ideas and features.


  • If a user accesses an idea portal for a specific idea from an email or link but is first required to log in to the portal, the user will now be re-directed to that idea after they log in. Previously, they were directed to the idea portal home page.


  • A random occurrence of disappearing requirements after editing them has been corrected.

  • A few issues impacting the display of feature requirements in Notebooks have been fixed.

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