January 8, 2016 release notes


  • Custom fields will now be copied when moving an idea or feature from one product to another under the following conditions:

    • If the same custom field definition exists in both products because it is inherited from a product line.

    • If a custom field definition with the same type and key exists in the destination product.

    • If no matching custom field definition is found then the custom values will not be copied over to the new product. The custom field value record will still exist but will not be visible in the UI. This is so that if the record is moved back to the original product the custom field values are still present.


  • Goal names displayed on the Strategy - Roadmap view to the right of the initiative timeline bars will no longer be cut off as they'll shift to display to the left of the bar if they are in jeopardy of being cut off.

  • Entering search terms has been updated to also recognize feature tags. This was already supported behavior but had inadvertently stopped working.

  • Number custom fields will now be included when copying features.

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