October 7, 2016 release notes


  • Admin permissions have been expanded from a single admin role to three levels of administrator roles providing more flexibility in the administration of an account. The three new roles are Account, Billing, and Customizations. The Account settings have been reorganized in parallel into three new sections by the same names.

    • Users assigned Account admin permissions can manage the account profile, set up global branding, and manage security and single sign-on settings.

    • Users assigned Billing admin permissions can make billing changes and manage users in the account.

    • Users assigned Customizations admin permissions can do the following:

      • Add and configure products

      • Manage status and workflows

      • Create broadcasts

      • Configure scorecards

      • Manage tags

      • Setup idea portals


  • The Reports - Hierarchy Select data for hierarchy report modal has been enhanced to include a product filter dropdown for each level in the hierarchy, providing a more intuitive interface for initially selecting which product lines and product's record types to display in each column. The filter options only show products available for each respective column.

  • The Initiative last active column has been added to the Initiative reporting table providing insight into when an initiative was last updated.

  • The Product line type value specified for product lines in Settings - Account - Configure product lines is now automatically displayed as an editable header at the top of the Product - Overview page.

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