November 4, 2016 release notes


  • The Zendesk Integration app configuration page has been updated with new settings for defining who the idea creator is and whether the creator should be added as a subscriber. Zendesk admins can access the new settings within Zendesk by going to Settings - Apps - Manage - Aha - App Configuration. The new checkbox settings are as follows:

    • Create ideas as ticket requestor - Disabling this will create ideas as the Zendesk agent.

    • Subscribe idea creator to updates - Disabling this will prevent the idea creator from receiving idea notifications.

  • API updates to Ideas were made in support of retrieving the following information:

    • Idea public comments

    • Merged and merged_into information


  • If a user linked an idea from Salesforce or Zendesk and then went to the portal directly and clicked the vote button to remove their vote, the link to the integrated system was removed in the process. This has been corrected so the link will no longer be deleted as a portal user should be able to vote or unvote an idea independently without impacting the link to the integrated system.

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