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Private portals are accessible to a set of users that you determine. The URL is publicly available, but unless a user is registered, they will not be able to log in. Private portals are useful for teams that want to provide a way for select groups — such as employees, partners, or key customers — to provide feedback to help with prioritization.

All registered private portal users will be able to submit ideas, see what else has been suggested, vote and comment on ideas and subscribe to ideas. Users who submit and subscribe to an idea are automatically notified when the idea has been implemented.

Private portal users can also add proxy votes to ideas on behalf of other people, if you enable this option. Proxy voting allows you to accurately measure customer feedback without inviting customers into an internal ideas portal.

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Create a private ideas portal

To create a new ideas portal, navigate to Settings ⚙️ → Account → Ideas portals, or Ideas → Overview. From either page, click Add ideas portal to open the portal builder. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.

Note: In the Ideas → Overview page, the Add ideas portal button is in the upper right corner.

The ideas portal builder is a three-step process.

  • Select a Title for your portal. Click Next to continue.

  • Select a theme Color. Your theme color affects links and buttons in your ideas portal. Click the color icon to select a color, or enter your own custom color using a hex code. Click Edit to edit your choice or Next to continue.

  • Select your portal's Access level. Portals can have Public or Private access, corresponding to the public and private types of portals. In this case, select Private access.

Click Create portal to create your portal!


Private ideas portal users

Users can only register for a private portal if they use an email address that belongs to one of the domains included in the Employee portal setting.

To get to a portal's settings, navigate to Settings ⚙️ → Account → Ideas portals, or Ideas → Overview. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.

  • From your account settings, click the name of the ideas portal whose settings you wish to edit.

  • From Ideas → Overview, click the Pencil icon by the name of the ideas portal whose settings you wish to edit.

Note: You can also set up single sign-on for ideas.

Once in your portal's settings, navigate to Users → Overview → Employees.

  • Add domains to the Employee setting. Users with emails matching those domains will be able to access your portal.

  • You can add multiple domains, separated by commas.

  • Include an asterisk * after a domain to indicate that subdomains are allowed.

Note: Aha! users who have access to a workspace that includes your private ideas portal from within Aha! will still be able to use the private portal even if they are not listed as a portal user.


Import private portal users

You can invite users to your private portal two ways.


Portal challenge screen

When a user first navigates to the public URL, they will see a challenge screen. On the challenge screen, they can enter their credentials or register. Once a user registers, they will be sent a confirmation email to validate their identity.

Support - Private ideas portal - inline image

Once a user logs in, they can view all previously submitted ideas, vote, and comment — just as they could in a public ideas portal.


Add new ideas

Private portal users can add new ideas to the portal by clicking the Add new idea button. As they start typing a title for their new idea, they will see a list of existing ideas that might be related to theirs. If their idea already exists, they can comment or vote on it instead of creating a duplicate.

Like any ideas portal, a private portal can be custom-branded. You can even use CSS, JavaScript, and custom fields to make it look and feel just like your website.


Add proxy votes to ideas

In addition to voting on ideas themselves, private portal users also have the opportunity to add proxy votes to an idea. If your private ideas portal is for internal use, proxy votes enable you to capture customer demand without inviting them into the portal.

Any portal user who adds a proxy vote to an idea gets subscribed to that idea — not the organization or contact they vote on behalf of. This way, the portal user stays informed of any updates to the idea and can loop in the customer as needed. Portal users will also have access to links showing them all the proxy votes they have added.

Proxy votes count towards the total votes on an idea. If you are an Aha! user, you can report on them, filter votes by organization, or import proxy votes and organization using a CSV import.

If you are an administrator with customization privileges, navigate to the Content → Ideas section of your portal's settings to enable proxy voting for a private ideas portal.


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