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Assemble the dream team. Invite everyone — stakeholders, key customers, and teammates — to the same visual space, so that you can refine concepts and drive alignment.

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Collaborate in real-time

Your team can navigate, edit, and add new details to your whiteboard at the same time. When multiple users are editing a whiteboard simultaneously, you will see an avatar for each user as they navigate around and edit objects. You will not see avatars of users who do not have Edit access to your whiteboard.

Customer empathy whiteboard template


Add comments

Leave feedback and ask questions with two types of comments:

  • Whiteboard comments collect feedback about the entire whiteboard on its Comments tab. Use these for high-level discussions, and create to-dos for any action items.

  • Inline comments create threaded discussions about specific objects or locations in your whiteboard. Use these for focused feedback.

Pros and cons whiteboard template


Add emoji reactions

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Users can add an emoji reaction to any sticky note or inline comment you add to your whiteboard.This inspires further engagement as other whiteboard users add their own reactions.

You will see the count of how many selected each emoji reaction to understand the overall sentiment surrounding a sticky note's content.


Use the timer tool

Timebox your meeting or collaborative session to help everyone stay focused and keep your meeting on track. You can add structure to your whiteboarding sessions by using a timer when completing different activities and tasks.

Aha! Whiteboards Advanced

The timer is located in the right side panel of your whiteboard.

  • Click the << tab to open the side panel and select Timer.

  • Enter your time in hours : minutes.

  • Select Start timer when you are ready.

As your timer is counting down, you can select Pause or Stop at any time. Use the +1m or +5m buttons to add extra minutes as needed.

You can close the side panel while using the timer. When you do, your timer will appear at the very top of your whiteboard. If you need to access your timer while it is in use, open the right side panel and click Timer.

When the timer runs out, it will tell you Time is up in red.


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