August 31, 2022 saved list views scheduled migration

On September 7, 2022, we will migrate your saved list views that are now in Ideas List or Features List to list reports. The Ideas List and Features List pages will become a new Prioritization page where you can rank records in your workspace.

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What is changing?

  • If you use Aha! Roadmaps, saved list views in Ideas List and Features List will be moved to Roadmaps List. The List view pages will become Prioritization pages.

  • If you use Aha! Ideas, saved list views in Ideas List will be moved to Reports List. The List view page will become the Prioritization page.


Why is this changing?

Moving saved views out of the Ideas List and Features List makes room for an exciting new view that will allow inline scoring and drag-and-drop prioritization ranking.

You will have more versatility when viewing and editing your saved views as list reports. You will also be able to pivot and chart your data from the list report and convert it to a roadmap — which was not possible from Ideas List and Features List.

List reports in Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Ideas


How will this impact my saved list views?

  • None of your saved views will be lost. They will be migrated from Ideas List and Features List views to list reports.

  • All saved list views that you have embedded in presentations, shared webpages, and dashboards will continue to work as they do now.


What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything! But if you have a view in Features List or Ideas List that you are actively working on, we recommend you save those views ahead of the migration. We will migrate your saved list views to list reports automatically. We will begin the migration on the evening of September 7th, and we expect that all saved views will have successfully migrated by September 8th.

Starting on September 8, 2022, navigate to Roadmaps List or Reports List to access your saved list views.


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