February 4, 2022 release notes

New for Aha! Develop

Customers on the Develop Advanced plan can now use the new velocity report to determine sprint capacity based on past performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

velocity report hero


An issue was preventing scores from syncing across merged ideas.

Capacity planning for teams update

We are making changes to the Capacity field in the Teams details. You can access this field within your capacity planning settings at both the account and workspace levels and when you click on a team and open the details drawer directly from the capacity report.

What is changing: It is currently possible to set the Capacity field to be “Calculated from people” or “Enter manually.” Entering a manual capacity overrides the team’s capacity. In order to support future updates, we are removing the ability to manually override team capacity. It will now always be calculated from people.

When: February 9th.

Applies to: Customers on the Enterprise+ plan that use capacity planning for teams. This change does not affect capacity planning for individuals.

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