September 16, 2022 release notes

New to Aha! Roadmaps and Aha! Ideas

Use the new Prioritization pages to swiftly adjust product value scores for ideas, epics, and features inline — then rank them in priority order for a consolidated view of what matters most.


All Aha! accounts

  • Bullet color applied to text now persists when Aha! views have been converted to HTML.

Aha! Develop

  • You can now click Add feature in Engineering Work parking lots to add new engineering work to your backlog.

  • Card layouts for records in Aha! Develop are now more colorful. This makes it easier to differentiate between record types at a glance.


  • We have repaired issues impacting the Aha! text editor:

    • When creating a new record, the editor toolbar was jumping outside the description field after scrolling past the modal header.

    • Pressing the Enter key was not moving the cursor to the next line consistently.

  • We have repaired an issue that was causing charts to appear distorted.

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