October 21, 2022 release notes

New to Aha! Develop - Advanced plan

You can now define program increments in Aha! Develop — so large enterprises using the SAFe methodology can coordinate sprints across many engineering teams.


All Aha! accounts

  • Dates will now be added by default when you create a new personal note, so they will appear in your calendar view. This helps make your notes easy to find when you need them.

  • We have updated the Aha! login experience with new colors. There are no new functional changes to how login works.

  • Text that you add to sticky notes on whiteboards will now use the same text color as other shapes you have added to your whiteboard.

  • We made an update that improves the experience of reading selected items in dropdown menus for customers who use screen-reading software.

Aha! Roadmaps


  • We have repaired an issue that was preventing some account settings modals from being viewed in full screen.

  • We have repaired an issue that was preventing the ideas portal login screen from fitting properly on the page when being viewed on a mobile device.

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