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A public portal provides an ideas forum that is open to anyone who is given the public URL. Since public portals can be indexed by search engines, it can also help users and prospects find your portal.

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Create a public ideas portal

To create a new ideas portal, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Account Ideas portals or Ideas Overview. From either page, click Add ideas portal to open the portal builder. You will need to be an administrator with customization privileges to do this.

Note: In the Ideas Overview page, the Add ideas portal button is in the upper-right corner.

The ideas portal builder is a three-step process.

  • Select a Title for your portal. Click Next to continue.

  • Select a theme Color. Your theme color affects links and buttons in your ideas portal. Click the color icon to select a color or enter your own custom color using a hex code. Click Edit to edit your choice or Next to continue.

  • Select your portal's Access level. Portals can have Public or Private access, corresponding to the public and private types of portals. In this case, select Public access.

Click Create portal to create your portal.


Public ideas portal users

Users may register for your portal in one of two ways: by clicking on the Log in/Sign up link or by entering an idea where they will be prompted for an email address. You can also invite or import users to your portal.

Public portals are useful for teams that want to let anyone provide feedback and also encourage voting and discussion to help with prioritization. All users will be able to submit ideas, see what else has been suggested, vote and comment on ideas, and follow ideas. By following an idea, a user will be notified when it has been implemented.

Ideas submitted by users are publicly visible by default. But don't worry, we provide options to filter for spam and you can change ideas' default visibility for each type of user. For example, you may want ideas created by users in your Aha! Ideas account to be private by default, while ideas created by customers to be publicly visible immediately.

Public ideas portals are open to any user who has access to the portal URL — but some users' ideas might be better kept private. You can create a subset of your users whose ideas are not initially visible to everyone with the Internal users setting. Internal users might be employees at your company or they might be partners, beta testers, or power users. You can define which types of users are internal users in the Users tab of ideas portal settings.


Add ideas

Since most ideas in public portals do not contain sensitive information, users do not have to create a password to submit an idea. This makes it easier for users to submit feedback — they just need to access your portal URL.

Note: Users do have the option of adding a password themselves. If they do not, when those users return to the portal in the future, they will be required to create a password before logging in. If you want to require user authentication, you may want to consider a private ideas portal.

Once a user logs in, submitting ideas is easy. Public portal users can add new ideas to the portal by clicking the Add new idea button. As they start typing a title for their new idea, they will see a list of existing ideas that might be related to theirs. If their idea already exists, they can comment or vote on it instead of creating a duplicate.

Your customers submit ideas in your ideas portals using the Ideas portal — Ideas layout. You can customize this layout for each of your portals to gather relevant information from your different audiences. By default, the ideas submission form is a single step. If you are an Ideas Advanced customer, you can create multi-step dynamic forms with conditional rules, such as showing or skipping specific steps during the idea submission process.


Pinned ideas

Pin ideas in a special section at the top of your portal so you can draw attention to specific requests and gather more feedback faster. You can pin as many ideas as you want. Pinned ideas appear on your portal homepage and related idea category pages. Two pinned ideas will be shown at a time. Whenever someone refreshes the page, the portal will cycle to show any additional pinned ideas. Users can also access a Pinned ideas page in your portal to see all the ideas you have pinned in one place.


Search for ideas

Users can search for pre-existing ideas before submitting their own — and if they find one, they can vote, comment, and subscribe to it. This helps you avoid duplicate ideas that you have to merge in the future.


Custom brand your portal

Like any ideas portal, a public portal can be custom branded. You can even use CSS, JavaScript, and custom fields to make it look and feel just like your website.


Display a roadmap or note (Advanced plan)

You can provide meaningful updates about your product plans right where your customers are already engaged. Display a roadmap, report, or note on a custom page in your ideas portal. You can add as many custom pages as you choose. Each page is added to your portal’s navigation.


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