September 25, 2015 release notes


  • The rollout of new Strategy features continues with the following updates:

    • Use the new Strategy - Roadmap view for doing top-down, longer range planning and highlight your major roadmap themes. This new page allows for customizing and saving views for re-use and can be published to Notebooks. Choose which Initiatives to display across the portfolio of products through the "Initiatives" drop-down selector and customize views with the following options:

      • Hide weekends

      • Show goals

      • No coloration for bars

      • Color bars by Initiative color

      • Color bars by status

  • Users can now choose to manually assign start and end dates to initiatives or continue to have them automatically derived based on dates from linked releases. This helps facilitate higher level roadmap planning at the Initiative level. Manually set explicit dates will override release derived dates. After setting explicit dates, it is possible to revert back to using the derived release dates by clicking the "Set Automatically" checkbox found in the Duration calendar widget.

  • The "Initiative rollup" column is now available as a filter. This supports the use case of having multiple levels of initiatives and wanting to filter a view by a parent initiative.


      • The "Add existing feature" dialog for the Releases - Roadmap Gantt chart view has been updated so the user can select multiple features to add at one time time while also specifying the Phase in which the features should be assigned.

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