December 4, 2015 release notes


  • The Aha! integration with JIRA has been updated to now support a two way synchronization of field mappings between custom fields in Aha! and JIRA. The integration supports the following JIRA custom field types:

    • Checkboxes

    • Date Picker

    • Labels

    • Number Field

    • Radio Buttons

    • Select List (multiple choices)

    • Select List (single choices)

    • Text Field (multi-line)

    • Text Field (single line)

    • URL Field

  • You can now add filters for time tracking dates in Aha! Reports. The available filter events are found in the new Filter by Time Tracking Event table and include Work done on and Work done by. The filters work in conjunction with the already existing Time tracking event reporting table that includes Work done on, Work done, Work done by, and Work done for record columns. This allows companies that perform consulting or other billable services to track and create reports showing time spent on certain tasks and by whom within designated billing periods.

  • When clicking on links that direct you to a note page in Product - Notes, the Table of Contents will be expanded so that underlying sibling pages are visible and the linked page is easy to find.

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