November 13, 2015 release notes


You can now add scorecards to Initiatives, Releases and other Aha! data objects using the new custom field type Scorecard field. This allows for the same type of scoring that can be done for Features and Ideas by assigning values to factors aligned with your strategy. The resulting composite score provides an objective way to prioritize what will be worked on when to ensure that you are by building what matters most. This also allows you to have multiple scorecards for any Aha! data object if, for example, you wanted to have both a Product team score and a technical team score. Using Initiatives as an example, the process for creating a new scorecard is as follows:

  1. Start by creating a scorecard that contains the most important factors for ranking initiatives. This is done under Settings - Account - Configure Scorecard.

  2. Add a custom field to Initiatives using the new custom field type Scorecard field. It can be added at either the product line level where the scorecard will be inherited by all children products or it can be added to individual products if different scorecards will be used.

  3. In the Create custom field dialog window, assign a name to the scorecard and select the scorecard you want to use in the Scoring system dropdown.

  4. The custom scorecard field will now be visible in the Initiatives slider page where a score can be created for each.

  5. The Reports - List view can be used to analyze scores across each initiative and to evaluate tradeoffs on the way to making tough decisions on where to invest.


Setting up Slack channels for Aha! activity streams is now easier with the new Add to Slack button. Clicking on the button will take you to Slack to choose which channel Aha! activities should appear in. If your intent is for the Aha! activity to appear in a new channel, you must create the channel in Slack first.

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