March 20, 2015 release notes


  • Our Ideas improvements are so cool they feel new. One idea portal can now contain multiple products and one product can contain multiple idea portals!

    • You can create one idea portal for all of your products so subscribers don't have to remember more than one location.

    • If you want a public, private and a submit only portal for your product because you have customers, employees and trialers -- go ahead!

    • Set up is easy and done by your admin.

    • Each product owner can choose to enable the portal, manage the product categories, choose default idea assignees, custom workflows and fields and scorecards.

    • Watchers only gets notified when a product portal they are watching has a new idea.

    • When ready, promote your idea to any product to which you have permissions.

    • We've also restyled the Ideas detail interface to make it more pleasing and intuitive. Votes and subscribers; visibility and admin comment controls and comments are in their own containers. Comments are color coded to show which are from portal users and which are from Aha! users.

  • We replaced our importing process with a modern universal import screen. Now choose what type of import you want, and then easily map your existing CSV column headers to Aha! headers with our preview functionality. The following import types are allowed:

    • Product

    • Release

    • Initiative

    • Feature

    • Idea

    • Idea portal user


  • We made our blog look spectacular on mobile devices! Check it out..

  • Import votes from existing ideation tools when importing ideas into Aha!

  • We have revamped the menu for account settings so that it's organized better and easier to navigate.

    • Settings is now in the drop-down next to your name. By default, you land on Settings - Account, which controls settings applicable account-wide.

    • Switch to Settings - Personal for settings specific to you.

    • Use Settings - Product to manage settings product-by-product.

    • With this change, Ideas permissions have been modified so that creating idea portals are part of Settings - Account (you must be an Admin), but managing them are part of Settings - Product (You must be a Product Owner).

  • Pasting or adding a link using the 'insert link' dialog will no longer convert it to a relative link if the domains are the same. It will store it as an absolute link. For example, if you paste a notebook link into an Idea portal title, previously it would fail because customer.aha.io and portalname.ideas.aha.io share aha.io but the relative link would leave off "ideas" and break the link.

  • We continue to make improvements to the text editor to make it easier and more pleasant to use.

    • Previously if you deleted the first in a titled series (1,2,3 or bullets) and then backspaced to make #2 #1, the line would merge into the title above. This is fixed.

    • When copying and pasting a bulleted or numbered list from one section to an existing bulleted or numbered list, it used to cause the first line to inherit the formatting of the line above. It was not editable. This is fixed.

    • The hotkey for underlining text now works.

    • If you copy a bolded, underlined or italicized word from an Aha! description and paste it in another text editor, you'll now be able to edit the formatting (previously you could not).

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