November 25, 2015 release notes


  • You can now create a custom domain for your idea portal providing a unified brand experience for your customers. This is done by configuring your idea portal url with a CNAME. A CNAME is a DNS record that allows you to specify that a domain name is an alias for another domain. This ultimately allows changing your ideas portal url format from yourname.ideas.aha.io to hosting the portal at a subdomain such as ideas.yourcompany.com.


  • Idea has been added to the custom terminology list that is used in the product navigation and throughout the application to match the language your team uses. This is available in Settings - Product or Product Line - Terminology.

  • The Settings - Account - Users page has been updated for account admins for subscription accounts to include information on the number of paid seats, the number of paid seats in use, and a link to the billing page. These updates were added to assist the admin with understanding the impact on billing when adding users, removing users, or changing roles.

  • A new filter option "Less than X days from now" has been added to the assortment of custom options available when creating date based filters. This helps with creating rolling reports. For example, suppose you wish to create a report that shows all releases in progress on a rolling 60 day basis. This can now be accomplished by adding a Release Date filter specifying to show all releases that have a release date "Less than 60 days from now".

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