May 15, 2015 release notes


  • The terms Products, Goals, Initiatives, Releases, Features, and Requirements can now be renamed to better match customized business processes. Customize terminology by product under Settings - Product - Terminology. Once customized, the terminology mapping can be viewed from the Product Overview screen by all users. Users will need to refer to their terminology mapping when reading support articles.

  • A new Kanban board is now available from the Features Workflow menu. The new view helps teams visualize who is doing what work by representing each feature as a card and organizing the cards into columns based on their current status. Easily customize your Kanban board to hide or display the rows and columns you want by clicking on Configure Board. This view:

    • defaults to the product selected in the drop-down product list.

    • allows multiple products to be viewed at the same time.

    • allows filtering by Release and any other default or custom fields.

  • Any view that can be added to a notebook can now also be easily saved as an image from the Add to Notebook button. The saved image can then be copied for use in another document or saved as an image (PNG) file.

  • Notebooks can now be configured to auto-refresh, so that audiences with the published URL will always see the most up-to-date roadmap information as the updates are made. On the Notebook details view, there is now a drop-down in the bottom left corner of each notebook page (where the Auto update checkbox used to be). You can now select one of three options: Refresh on update (default), Use snapshot, or Live view.

  • The Github issues integration now supports Github Enterprise by giving you a place to specify the Github server URL.


  • The top-line navigation has been updated for easier usability:

    • The drop-down product list is now more pronounced for better visibility.

    • The settings and support menu items that used to appear under your name in the top right drop-down, are now part of the top-line navigation as a gear icon and a question mark.

    • The search functionality is now a larger box that's always visible, making it easier to click and start typing search terms.

  • The views under the Home button have been updated with a cleaner appearance and additional functionality:

    • The Portfolio view now focuses solely on the product portfolio roadmap, giving you a clean view of how your product portfolio delivers against your strategy.

    • To-dos (previously at the bottom of the Portfolio view) and all feature assignments are available in the My Work view.

    • The Activity view has been added with filters so that you can view activity by product, user or timeframe.

  • The Release Portfolio view has been updated with new functionality:

    • When hovering over a row, the whole row is now highlighted for easier navigation.

    • Features can be dragged vertically into different Release Phases or Releases.

    • Dependencies can now be deleted directly from the view (you no longer have to open the phase or feature detail slider). Hover over the dependency line, close to the end arrow, then click the X that appears to delete it.

  • The Features List view has been updated as follows:

    • The Release Phase is now an option to add as a column from the green column selector drop-down on the right.

    • There is a new advanced sort button, to the left of the column selector drop-down, that allows sorting by multiple columns.

  • The product hierarchy configuration in Settings - Account - Configure product lines has been enhanced so that you can drag and drop products and product lines to change the order in which they appear in the product hierarchy drop-downs and in the category list on the ideas portal home page.

  • All Aha! generated emails now include a link to your notification preferences so that you can easily update items you're watching or whether you receive weekly digest emails for each product.

  • When typing something other than a pre-defined tag value in a custom pre-defined tag field, it no longer looks like a new tag is being created.

  • The ideas portal search results now returns results only for the selected product and not all of the products in the portal.

  • The JSON Web Token (JWT) for Idea Portal single sign-on (SSO) has been enhanced to allows users to be returned to a specific idea.

  • We have corrected an issue with the TFS integration where updating a description failed if it was blank when first sending to TFS. Now the description can be updated and synced even after sending a blank description.

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