Aha! Launches New Kanban Board for Agile Product Teams
April 28, 2015

Aha! Launches New Kanban Board for Agile Product Teams

by Keith Brown

Many product teams use shared kanban boards to enhance visibility and increase the flow of work. It’s a great tool that helps teams visualize who is doing what work and the status of their software development projects.

Aha! is perfect for product planning and now viewing and managing the work too. The new kanban board provides a visual representation of the workflow where each feature is represented by a card.

Aha! is the obvious choice for product managers everywhere and serves over 10,000 users. For teams that have integrated Aha! with their development system, this is another way to visualize workstreams and how work is progressing. Others that do not have a bug or development tool or are just getting started can now use Aha! to manage their development work using the kanban board.

Key features

The new visual kanban board is tightly integrated with the rest of Aha! including: strategy, releases, ideas, and features. It combines the existing world-class roadmapping functionality of Aha! with a powerful yet intuitive agile board for kanban or scrum work. Each product in Aha! supports its own workflow board — allowing for complete portfolio management. This also means that other teams who are managing their own work in Aha! can have their own customized boards.

Visual board
The newest roadmap visualization in Aha! allows you to quickly configure your visual kanban board to display only the work that needs to be done. Easily customize your kanban board to hide or display the rows and columns you want with a single click by clicking on Configure Board.

Custom workflows
We’ve made it easy to customize your workflow by product by creating your own stages under Settings. When you use the board and move a feature, the status is automatically updated to reflect the column that it’s in and the person who is assigned to work on it. It’s easy to see who is doing what and how work is progressing towards completion.

Complete work
The same functionality from the features board is available on the kanban board. With one click you can open and collaborate on the features right on the board. This saves you the trouble of having to open multiple windows or toggling between tabs to view requirements.

The kanban board is available for every account, but you will need to enable it on a product by product basis. You can turn it on instantly under Settings - Product - Navigation. Just check the button next to Features - Workflow to enable the agile board for kanban or scrum work.

Signup for a free Aha! trial — be happy
The kanban board is available to all Aha! customers. If you are not already an Aha! customer, you may want to sign up for a free 30 day trial of Aha! now to see why over 500,000 users trust Aha! to set product strategy, create visual roadmaps, and prioritize releases and features.

Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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