November 20, 2015 release notes


  • The Reports - Timeline view contains updates providing more flexibility with customizing how the bars representing your features, releases, goals, initiatives, and custom fields are showcased on the timeline. New customization controls include the following:

    • Bar view updates

      • Displaying each bar on a different line which has been the standard behavior

      • Displaying as compact where bars will appear in a single swim lane taking up less screen real-estate

    • Bar size updates

      • Displaying as thin bars with text above which has been the standard behavior

      • Displaying as thick bars with the text inside the bar.

  • The same time control slider used to manipulate the granularity of time displayed on the Reports - Timeline view has been added to the Strategy - Roadmap and Releases - Roadmap views. Use this to zoom in or out to show the timeframe of interest. Please note that timeline views added to Notebooks will reflect the view timeframe the user has selected at that time.

  • The Create tag process in Settings - Account has been updated to include a new button Create Tag + Add Another to make the process more efficient when adding a large number of tags.

  • The Idea reporting table has a new column "Merged ideas" allowing for the creation of reports showing ideas that have been merged into the master idea.

  • Default assignees for Ideas and Features are now automatically added as watchers and will be notified via email when a new idea or feature is submitted.

  • "Integration" is now included as an audit record user to identify updates that occur through an integration. These updates are also included in the group messaging integrations with Slack, HipChat, and Flowdock.

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