July 20, 2018 release notes


  • It is now possible to customize an ideas portal's "No ideas were found" text that appears when search or filters return no results within the portal.

  • Master feature and feature cards on the features board can now be customized to indicate that they have dependencies.


  • Importing ideas portal users via CSV produced unhelpful error messages when conflicts arose. These error messages have been improved to assist with troubleshooting conflicts.

  • When linking an initiative to a release, typeahead search did not work properly if the account had many initiatives.

  • An issue prevented integrations 2.0 for GitHub from updating Aha! records when an issue was closed.

  • Users with ampersands in their email address were unable to use SSO for ideas portals.

  • Filters on the features workflow board did not work properly for master features.

  • An error prevented very large pivot tables from exporting as PDFs or PNGs.

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