February 2, 2018 release notes



  • It is now possible to create a pivot report on to-dos within a goal.

  • An ideas portal's terminology can be customized via portal settings, enabling users to change the word "idea" to something else (like "request," for example). Notification emails generated from an ideas portal have been improved to more thoroughly replace default text with customized text, where applicable.

  • Error handling has been improved for integrations 2.0 for Jira in scenarios when a Jira project is no longer available.


  • It is possible to bulk edit the available options in a custom pre-defined tags field by pasting in a list of options. Some users reported problems pasting in a large set of data. Performance improvements have been made so that larger data sets can be pasted into the custom field.

  • A product's custom field mappings can be inherited from a parent product line. An error prevented new custom fields from being mappable in integrations 1.0 and 2.0 for products inheriting their custom field configuration from a parent.

  • Exporting large, complex reports to CSV or Excel would sometimes time out and present an error message. This has been enhanced so that when a report takes more than 15 seconds to export, an additional tab is opened and a progress bar is presented on that tab. When the report is ready, it can be downloaded via a direct link on the new tab.

  • When converting a Rally template integration from 1.0 to 2.0, integrations using that template were updated to have all of their settings based on the template rather than obeying integration-level settings, such as mapping to a specific project.

  • When a search filter was used in combination with other advanced filters, the report's results were not appropriately filtered by the other advanced filters.

  • When mapping a feature's "Release" field in Aha! to a custom field in Jira, a numerical ID was presented rather than the release's name.

  • When an SSO authentication error caused a user's email attribute to not be passed through, an unhelpful error message was presented.

  • When sending a feature from Aha! to Redmine, the HTML formatting broke in Redmine if the feature in Aha! contained a code block.

  • The Settings Personal Notifications page failed to load when the user had access to a large number of products.

  • When an account's identity provider changed, an error prevented some Aha! Administrators from updating some users.

  • White space in preformatted text blocks was removed for records when they were exported to CSV or Excel.

  • The Product Users page failed to load for products containing a large number of users.

  • Creating a trend graph report with the "Feature start date" produced an error.

  • Applying a date filter to a calendar report did not appropriately filter the data presented.

  • Account-level integrations could not be renamed.

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