January 19, 2018 release notes


  • The starter roadmap can now be customized so that it is colored by status.

  • It is now possible to adjust the order of records in a given day on the calendar report by clicking and dragging them to the appropriate position.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Rally now supports manually linking features and requirements in Aha! with Rally records.

  • Integrations 2.0 for Rally and Jira now permits deleting record mappings with linked records, which makes it possible to reconfigure integration mappings without deleting the integration.

  • The export functionality has been enhanced so that tables presented on screen resize more intelligently when exported.

  • Some improvements were made to the way an iframed ideas portal behaves when the page resizes.


  • When integrations 2.0 was used to send updates from Aha! to another system, a duplicative success message was presented, which gave the impression the record was sent twice.

  • Aha! mockups were not correctly saving and attaching to custom note fields that contained blank values.

  • On the calendar report, records appeared askew when moved from one day to another.

  • An issue prevented users existing in multiple accounts from logging in.

  • When an Aha! record containing a mockup was synced via an integration, additional attachments were created in the integrated system whenever the mockup was edited in Aha!

  • When viewing the "My work" page, clicking a feature status in the "All features (by status)" section incorrectly redirected users to a list report that was filtered by a specific user; this has been corrected to no longer filter by user.

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