Mockups now use Aha! whiteboards. Accounts created before February 1, 2023 may have view-only legacy Draw.io mockups on some features.

Aha! Roadmaps | Mockups

Mockups are an essential asset tool product teams that serve various purposes throughout the product development lifecycle. Digital whiteboards make it simple to create compelling mockups — whether you are ideating and refining design concepts or guiding development. With whiteboards in Aha! Roadmaps, you can create and share mockups in the same tool you use for building roadmaps, setting strategy, and planning work.

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Use whiteboards in Aha! Roadmaps to build compelling mockups. Use the tools, shapes, connectors, icons, and other components to craft beautiful mockups that add visual context to the concepts you need to communicate with your team. You can add a whiteboard to any Aha! record and build your mockup alongside the work and strategy it aims to illustrate.

How to create mockups

Whiteboards are available throughout Aha! Roadmaps for users with owner or contributor access. There are two ways to add whiteboards to a record:

  • Add whiteboards where you attach files below record description fields. Click the Add whiteboard option to add a whiteboard to your record.

  • Embed a whiteboard in a record from the text editor toolbar.

After adding a whiteboard, it will appear alongside attachments. Click to open the whiteboard and use the whiteboard shapes and tools to build your mockup. If you are subscribed to the Aha! Whiteboards Advanced plan, you can also select from a library of wireframe components to build sophisticated mockups of digital experiences.

You can get started quickly with one of our purpose-built whiteboard templates from the Aha! template library:


Collaborate on mockups

Whiteboards can be modified by users who have owner or contributor access. You can have as many people in your whiteboard collaborating on your mockup at the same time as you want.

To provide feedback on a mockup in your whiteboard, you can add inline comments to specific locations on the whiteboard.


Legacy mockups

Before whiteboarding functionality was included in all Aha! plans, Aha! Roadmaps offered a mockups tool built on the Draw.io open source project. This mockup tool was removed and replaced with whiteboards on April 9, 2024.

Accounts created before February 1, 2023 may still have Draw.io mockups attached to features. If this describes you, you can continue to view mockups that are already added to Aha! records but you cannot edit them from Aha! Roadmaps. You have two options to download Draw.io mockups:

  • Download XML and upload to Draw.io to edit your mockup there.

  • Download image and add the image to a whiteboard.


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