March 23, 2018 release notes


  • Previously, when viewing the strategy roadmap, initiatives without start/end dates were automatically updated with dates when they were added to the roadmap. This experience has been improved so that initiatives without dates will now be presented differently and span the entire timeline until dates are set.

  • The "Required" custom field settings for Ideas forms have been moved to Settings Account Custom field layouts so that this setting can be customized per layout. Previously, this was located under Custom fields.

  • Custom fields can now be given internal names, which can be used to differentiate between fields with the same name. Internal names are visible on configuration pages for custom field layouts, reports, and filters.

  • When exporting business models to PDF, the process was improved to eliminate as much white space as possible and prevent unnecessary page breaks.

  • Improved error logging with integrations 2.0 for Jira so that error messages properly reflect when a required field in Jira is missing in Aha!

  • Improved error logging with integrations 2.0 for Jira when an associated mapping is not available during a record import.

  • Custom fields and Custom field layouts pages have been updated to include pagination and search.

  • Jira fix version/s can now be mapped to other fields in Aha!


  • The following fixes apply to the improved header UI:

    • The timeline adjustment slider was not appropriately setting the timeline width for roadmaps added to Aha! Notebooks.

    • The cell padding in list reports added to Notebooks was inconsistent with what was displayed in the application.

    • The last step of integrations 2.0 configurations displayed incorrect instructions for how to send records from Aha!

    • When promoting an idea to a feature, the linked feature did not immediately appear on the idea details flyout.

    • In some instances, the features board redirected users to the How Aha! works page.

    • Users running the latest version of Firefox on Windows experienced scrolling issues.

    • In some instances, starter roadmaps appeared blank on export or in Notebooks.

    • Bulk editing was disabled for ideas lists containing an idea tags filter.

    • The feature details page displayed incorrect formatting in the header.

  • When feature status was presented on the features roadmap, the features were not consistently presented release to release; statuses will now be presented in the order of the feature workflow configured for that product.

  • When users selected items to import from Jira, there was no validation on whether or not the issue had already been created in Aha!, which caused duplicate records.

  • When a 2.0 integration was configured to map a constant value one way (from Aha!), the value was resent whenever users clicked the Resend all fields button.

  • When a product was configured to use a custom requirements workflow, an error prevented the Changes for workflow data points to appear as options in reports.

  • When users manually imported records from Jira, import candidates for those records were not cleared, which created the potential for duplicate records.

  • When features were configured to inherit estimates from requirements, burndown charts did not properly update when requirements were completed.

  • The hover text that appears for the capacity planning bar on the features board displayed HTML tags rather than purely capacity information.

  • The record count was not reflecting the correct number of records on the Import new records tab of the Integration updates page.

  • Some users experienced an issue where folder and permission settings were not saved when creating a new custom roadmap.

  • An error prevented Internet Explorer 11 users from unchecking the Based on template option in integration settings.

  • When requirements were moved between features in the same product, their workflow statuses were not maintained.

  • When deleting record mappings in integrations 2.0, the Cancel button on the confirmation modal was inoperable.

  • Some pie charts lost their legend style preferences when they were added to Notebooks.

  • Calculated values in pivot reports containing counts were unnecessarily presented with decimals.

  • An error caused some goals and initiatives to appear outside of their respective matrices.

  • The Save button incorrectly displayed on reports when there were no changes to save.

  • An issue prevented saved views from loading in a timely manner for some users.

  • The Gitlab integration was not correctly syncing feature statuses.

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