August 24, 2018 release notes



  • When multiple integrations are configured for the same project, records that are ignored on the Import new records tab of the Integration updates modal would reappear for each integration. This has been enhanced so that ignoring an import candidate once ignores it for all integrations.

  • The in-app Notifications page has been enhanced so that requirement-specific notifications now open in a drawer rather than a new tab.

  • It is now possible to report on records by the month in which they were created via the new created month column.

  • Typeahead search has been enabled for every field (where appropriate) on the bulk edit modal for features and ideas.


  • When a custom field in Aha! was configured to sync bidirectionally to a select list (multiple choices) custom field in Jira, updates were not always successful.

  • When adding a product's goal chart to a notebook the Effort / Value fields were cropped.

  • Saved reports containing product lines created duplicate copies in some instances.

  • An error prevented records containing formatted text from sending to Asana.

  • The features roadmap presented quarters on the timeline incorrectly.

  • In some instances, reports were not loading properly in notebooks.

  • An issue prevented Microsoft VSTS user stories from importing.

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