August 10, 2018 release notes



  • The following improvements apply to Aha! mobile:

    • It is now possible to attach documents to records.

    • The record ID is now displayed when viewing the attachment screen.

    • It is now possible to launch your device's camera, take a photo, and attach it to records.

  • The following improvements apply to goals and initiatives:

    • A record count is now presented on goal and initiative pages.

    • The initiative's details page now presents linked master features alphabetically.

    • When importing goals or initiatives via CSV, it is now possible to set the Timeframe field.

  • Users that have been deactivated will no longer be listed on the Product Users page.


  • On the features board, when a feature was dragged from a parking lot containing many releases, the feature was not always placed in the intended release.

  • When integrations 2.0 for GitHub was configured to map requirements to issues, updates from GitHub were not syncing back to Aha!

  • An issue caused out-of-office notifications to create duplicate comments for an idea in an ideas portal.

  • An issue prevented tags containing special characters from syncing via integrations 2.0 for Rally.

  • An error caused product-level terminology customizations to appear when creating custom fields.

  • In some instances, idea categories presented incorrect category counts in the ideas portal.

  • The Product Notes page sidebar width was not adjustable in some browsers.

  • An error caused deleted idea categories to continue to appear in the ideas portal.

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